Before you decide which meal(s) you’re going to prep ahead of time, take a close look at your daily schedule. Are you a single mom or dad with hectic mornings and not enough time to prepare a healthy breakfast for the kids?

Or, perhaps you have trouble gathering around the table in the evening for a nutritious and well-planned meal. If you find yourself stopping at McDonald’s or ordering pizza, you may benefit by planning the dinner meal ahead of time.

Lunches can also change for the better when planned ahead. If you usually go out for lunch, you’ll save money by pre-planning a lunch you can both enjoy and that will be much more nutritious for you than fast food or restaurant meals.

You can quickly tire of cafeteria food and you will thank yourself for a lunch that you really enjoy and is a nice change from the norm. Are you or your family gaining unwanted pounds from eating fast food or restaurant meals?

The meals that you tend to go through the drive-through for are the ones you should consider planning ahead. Think about which meals you can benefit most from if you planned ahead – and which will provide the most nutrition and fewer pounds.

Everyone wishes for more time in the day to enjoy other pursuits. More family time, exercise time, relaxation and so much more can be accomplished by taking a few hours or one day a week to shop and prepare meals for the week ahead.

Choosing the best meals to prepare ahead can be as simple as assessing your stress level when trying to provide tasty and healthy meals for you and your family. If you’re more stressed in the morning when trying to get off to work, then consider breakfast as your main plan-ahead meal.

If worrying about spending too much money on lunches or not getting a good value in matters of nutrition is bothering you, begin by planning lunches. Many choose dinner as their favorite meal to plan ahead.

You can turn your meal frustration around by thinking ahead and choosing to prepare ahead at least one meal during the week. You’ll transform a time-consuming and dreaded task into a quick, easy and delicious meal to enjoy.