For some of us, the very thought of going to the grocery puts us in a state of dread and frustration. It’s difficult to take time out of a busy day (or evening) to wander through the aisles trying to follow a list – or worse, not having a list and trying to remember what you need off the top of your head.

If grocery shopping simply takes up too much of your precious time or puts you in a state of panic, you may want to consider the many pop-up services that provide everything you need from a list or from a recipe that you choose.

It’s delivered right to your door – exact ingredients, fresh and ready to prepare. Delivery does have its advantages – but so does the experience of shopping yourself for the best bargains and freshest foods available.

You may want to do both. During busy weeks or months where grocery shopping ruins your day or is frustrating beyond measure, take a few minutes to order what you need online.

You’ll save a ton of time and effort – and your groceries will be waiting for you when you return home. There are so many choices for the types of delivery meals (vegetarian, meat-lovers, dieters and more) that you may have trouble choosing which is best for you.

A quick surf through “meal delivery” sites will alert you to how many of these services there are and the various plans available to fit your every need and want. Some deliver the ingredients for a certain meal while others deliver the entire meal, already cooked and ready to serve for a chosen amount of diners.

The DIY option for meal prepping is one you’ll want to consider if you do have the time (and fortitude) to grocery shop for the ingredients and items you’ll need to prepare meals ahead of time – and the time to prepare them.

You may want to take the time to use sites such as “Menu Planner” to create a directory of recipes you love (or use recipes from favorite sites). Then, the app will create a grocery list that you can print out or take with you on your iPad or phone.

After you set it up, the ease of use is amazing and fast. Let your lifestyle dictate whether you meal prep the DIY way or have the ingredients (or meals) delivered. You may want to try each type of meal planning and prep just to see what best works for you.